12 | Bike/pedestrian Bridge across Independence Blvd / by Aleksandra Borisenko

Put a bike/pedestrian bridge on it! 

by Scott Adams

Before: no street connectivity across the Independence Blvd between Pecan Ave and Briar Creek Rd (distance of 1.3 miles).

After: potential location for bike/pedestrian bridge on Westover St. Create a bike/pedestrian bridge that shortens the biking/walking dsitance between Chantilly and Commonwealth Park/Plaza-Midwood (indicated by thick red line). Given its distance from Pecan Ave (.4miles) and Briar Creek Rd (.9 miles), this pedestrian connection would provide a shorter route that improves access between the neighborhoods and Veterans Park. Other locations that were studied (indicated by dashed red lines) are limited by narrow width of the right-of-way

This idea for pedestrian bridge was submitted by Scott Adams, a urban planner who resides and works in Charlotte. Check out Scott's blog: http://citycentriccharlotte.blogspot.com/